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He's not going to Birmingham so it looks like he's not going anywhere until the summer at least. Even Kieron Dyers sticking up for him.

"Craig is probably my best friend at the club and I tried to convince him not to go on television on Monday," said Dyer.
"I was on the phone for hours. I was just saying, 'Craig don't do it, keep it to yourself'. But he had his reasons and it's a pity.
"Off the field, he is like he is on the pitch. He thinks he is right and he stuck to his guns. The club think they are right and have stuck to theirs."
"I can see why Craig was frustrated by playing wide right because it is not his best position," said Dyer. "It's tough because you're doing a job for the club and I played there a lot last season.
"You know you are trying to help but your form drops and you read the papers and you get slaughtered by fans and journalists and you think, 'I am playing out of position to help the club'. It gets frustrating but they pay your wages and you can't be selfish.
"That's the biggest thing I learned from this.
"Has it crossed my mind that this could have been me? Of course it has. Now I feel like a different player and a different person.
"I think the chairman said it best when he said no player is bigger than this club and you have to realise that. It is just a shame because it looks like Craig will never play for this club again."

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